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Top 5 Canada Immigration Myths Proved Wrong!

Top 5 Canada Immigration Myths Proved Wrong!

As the entire process of Canada immigration is a bit complicated, people have many misunderstandings and false impressions. If you are a Canada immigration aspirant, you must be able to distinguish myths from realities. Otherwise, you may face a lot of problems as a permanent resident and may even become expelled from the country. Here is a list of top common myths about Canada immigration that do the rounds as facts.

Myths about Canada immigration:

You can immigrate to Canada only if you have a job offer

It is a common misconception that you can immigrate to Canada only if you have a job offer from a Canadian employer. Though a job offer from a Canadian employer can increase your chances of being selected for Canada immigration, it is not at all necessary. Most of the immigrants have come to Canada without a job offer.

Moreover, for a formal job offer to be valid for Canada immigration, it has to be approved by Service Canada and requires a Labour Market Impact Assessment. On the other hand, if the job offer you have is an informal one from a friend or family member, it is not relevant to the application.

You need to be married to be qualified for Canada immigration

It is one of the most common myths that you need to be married in order to get permanent residence in Canada. As per Canada immigration laws, it is not necessary for an individual to be married in order to apply for permanent residence. But in order to be recognized as a couple both the individuals involved must have lived together for at least one year. If you could not live together for one year owing to genuine reasons, you can apply as conjugal partners and explain the reason to the Canada immigration officers.

You need to learn French

You do not have to learn French in order to immigrate to Canada. Canada has two official languages- English and French. Both have equal relevance when it comes to applying for Canada immigration and you need proficiency in either of these languages. For a vast majority of immigrants, English is their first language. The proficiency in English can be demonstrated by providing general IELTS results. Even in Quebec, a predominantly French province, you do not need proficiency in French in order to apply for Skilled Worker Program.

You can’t choose your career

It is another misconception about Canada immigration that you cannot continue to practice your profession in Canada. In order to practice certain occupations, you may need special certifications. You can obtain these certifications by attending tests or you may undergo training that will make you eligible to practice your own profession. On the positive side, it is neither necessary that you need to continue the same profession that you had been practicing in your home country. You can choose a new profession that suits your interests after arriving in Canada.

You have to stay in the same province you immigrated

Another general misconception is that you have to live in the particular province that you immigrated to. There are two types of programs for Canada immigration. The first ones are federal programs like Express Entry, which are for applicants who plan to live in Canada, except in Quebec. You also have provincial nominee programs for Canada immigration meant for applicants who intend to settle in a specific province. Quebec has a separate Canada immigration program for applicants who want to settle in Quebec. Whatever the programs you choose, once you become a permanent resident, you have the right to live or work anywhere in Canada.

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