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University of Buckingham demands students to sign no-drugs contract

The University of Buckingham in the UK has made it mandatory for the students to sign a contract promising that they would not take any recreational drugs during the period of their studies. This is part of the University’s efforts to become the first drug-free campus in the UK. The University has taken this stand against drugs claiming that drugs consumption has no place in a university environment. The students will be asked to leave if they were found to have breached this contract, informed the university.

Research on the relationship between long-term drug use and its effect on mental health is still going on. The use of cannabis and hallucinogenic drugs is reported to cause psychotic dispositions and long-term mental problems. Some research has also revealed the positive effects of controlled drug use. But a group of experts has also questioned the criminalization of recreational drugs, saying that it will prevent students from taking medical help.

University of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham (UB) is a non-profit, private university in the UK and the oldest of the country’s five private universities. It is located in Buckingham, England, and was founded as the University College at Buckingham (UCB) in 1973, admitting its first students in 1976. It was granted university status by royal charter in 1983.Buckingham offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees through five “schools” (or faculties) of study.

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