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Why Canadian Education is Ideal for International Students?

caanada education ideal for international students

Canadian universities offer the best education to international students 

With high standards of education and attractive international student policies, Canada has become one of the most sought-after destinations for higher education. Besides, Canada offers great opportunities for doing jobs even while studying. Canada also gives chance for students to combine education with entertaining leisure activities. Let’s further explore the factors that make Canada an ideal education destination for students.

Factors that make Canadian universities unique

1. Internationally reputed universities

Canadian universities are internationally reputed for high standards of education and emphasis on research. Canadian universities often come on top in international university rankings such as ARWU Shanghai Rankings and QS University Ranking. The Government of Canada and some private organizations support research in the fields of medicine, computer technology, environmental science, telecommunication etc.

2. Commitment to high-quality education

Canada is planning to double the number of international students at 450,000 by 2022. Canada gives highest to the priority of attracting international students to its universities. Beyond just recruiting the students, Canada aims to retain the international graduates from its universities by offering them opportunities to work and make them permanent residents in the country.

3. Focus on research

Canadian universities give utmost priority to research and most study programs also give importance to research. Students get chance to involve in experiments and projects, which enhances innovation and forward thinking in them. Many such research in Canadian universities has resulted in groundbreaking discoveries and innovations.

4. Open and friendly learning atmosphere

In Canadian universities, professors function as mere guides who help students to learn independently. Students can communicate any misunderstandings openly. The lectures promote creative thinking among students. The students of Canadian universities are reported to have high employability rates because the curricula of study programs are frequently restructured to meet the needs of the current job market.

5. High employment rate

The international graduates of Canada have higher job prospects and the universities in Canada have more than 5,000 global collaboration agreements. Around 90 percent of international graduates get employed in less than six months after graduation. Universities giving greatest importance to industry-specific research is one of the reasons for the highest employment rate among graduates.

6. A great place to live

Canada is a great place to live the government promoting diversity of culture. People from different parts of the world have made Canada their home bringing with them their unique cultures, cuisines and celebrations. According to the rankings by United Nations, Canada is one of the best places to live. Canada is also largely a peaceful country, where crime rates are extremely low.

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