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Incorrect information may lead to visa cancellation in Australia

Visa Cancellation in Australia

Do you know that incorrect information provided in a visa application can lead to visa cancellation in Australia? The Australian immigration laws require the applicants of Australian visa to fill their application form completely and not provide any incorrect answers. The applicants should not also give wrong or incorrect information during their interviews with the Minister for Immigration (‘Minister’), an officer, an authorized person, the Tribunal or the Immigration Assessment Authority, according to the law.

As per section 109 of the Migration Act 1958, Australia’s immigration minister has the authority to cancel a visa if it was proved that the applicant had given incorrect information in their application or during immigration interviews.

According to section 109 of the Migration Act 1958, a non-citizen must:

  • Provide correct information in visa application
  • Not provide fake documents
  • Inform the Department if the applicant become aware of any incorrect information
  • Inform the Department of any relevant changes in circumstances

The Minister may cancel visa even if the applicant did not know that the answer they provided was incorrect, according to Section 100 of the Migration Act 1958.
If it was proved that the applicant has given wrong information in the application or during interview, the Department of Home Affairs will issue a Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation (NOICC) of their visa. Now the holder can provide evidence and submissions on why their visa should not be cancelled. If they fail to provide a satisfying explanation, their visa will be cancelled.

If you are an Australia migration aspirant, all these means that just a single mistake in your application may lead to all your efforts and savings going down the drain. You can avoid such undesirable experiences in the future by availing the help of immigration consultants who have years of experience in immigration procedures as well as deep and updated knowledge in immigration laws. The immigration consultants and lawyers of CanApprove have a glowing track-record of helping our clients migrate to their dream destinations and build a great future with their families there. Are you interested to know more about Australia migration? Connect with our Australia immigration consultants in Chennai at CanApprove now!

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