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Alberta relaxes credential recognition requirements for engineering technologists


The Association of Science & Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET), the industry regulator for engineering technologists and technicians in Alberta, has abolished the requirement for Canadian education and work experience. Henceforth, Alberta will treat Canadian and overseas education and experience equally for engineering technologists and technicians.
This move has made it easier for foreign engineering technologists and technicians to become certified in the province. Now it is also easier for them to get a job in Alberta, as they do not need Canadian education or work experience to qualify.

Engineering technologists and technicians in Alberta

The jobs of engineering technologists and technicians in Alberta are classified under NOC 2232. These are different from engineering occupations, which still need some Canadian experience to qualify in Alberta. According to data from Statistics Canada, only half of the immigrants with an Engineering degree find a job in their area of expertise. At the same time, almost 66 percent of native Canadian Engineering graduates successfully find employment in their area of expertise.


Credential recognition is one of the most important challenges being faced by the federal and provincial authorities in Canada with regard to the integration of immigrants. Every year, the Canadian government is spending millions of dollars for helping newcomers to integrate to the Canadian society. The integration services offered to new immigrants include settlement and employment services, and assistance to apply for professional license. Finding a job helps new immigrants to integrate to the Canadian society faster. So this move of Alberta is expected to boost the efforts towards integration of immigrants.
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