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Australian visa applicants need to accept updated Australian Values Statement

Australian Values Statement

Now onwards, those who apply for most of Australian visas will have to sign or accept an updated Australian Values Statement that has greater focus on values such as freedom, respect, equality and rule of law. The updated statement better reflects the importance placed on Australia’s values. This is also the first substantial change to the Australian Values Statement ever since it was introduced in 2007.

Now on, the applicants for both temporary and permanent visa must confirm that they understand the Australian values and laws and that they will conduct themselves in line with the same. Besides, those who are planning to settle in Australia permanently must commit that they would make reasonable efforts to learn English, which will enable them to fully participate in the Australian community and increase their possibilities of finding a job. However, Australia has not introduced any new test or threshold with regard to this new change.
The new changes are being introduced as part of Morrison Government’s $62.8 million investment for protecting social cohesion in Australia. It builds on the $71 million social cohesion package announced in March 2019.


The Australian Values Statement summarizes the key values that underpin the Australian society as well as social cohesion. When an applicant signs or accepts the Australian Values Statement, they undertake to conduct themselves in accordance with Australian values and to obey Australian laws. If an applicant does not sign the Australian Values Statement, their application may be delayed or refused.
A person needs to sign and accept Australian Values Statement, each time they apply for a visa. It means you will have to sign the Statement more than once, if you apply for Australian visa many times.

Australian Citizenship Test

The applicants for Australian citizenship will have to attend the new Australian Citizenship Test from November 15 onwards. The test will assess the English language skills as well as the applicant’s knowledge about Australia and Australian citizenship. Applicants below the age of 17 and above the age of 60 need not attend the test.
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