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Are you eligible for Subclass 491 visa for Australia migration?

491 visa for Australia migration

The Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) visa, recently introduced by Australia, helps international skilled workers and their families to live and work in the regional areas of Australia for a maximum period of five years. The subclass 491 visa also gives the holders an option to permanently migrate to Australia after three years.
The Subclass 491 visa has two streams: family sponsored and state nominated.  Those who have a relative living in a regional area of Australia who is ready to sponsor them may apply under the family-sponsored stream. To be eligible under this stream, the candidate must also have experience in an occupation featured on the Medium and Long Term Skilled Shortage List (MLTSSL). The candidate must also submit an Expression of Interest (EoI). Based on the candidate’s score in the points test, they are invited in the monthly invitation rounds.
The state-nominated visa is comparatively easier to obtain as the list of occupations available is longer. Often, the candidates need to achieve only minimum points to get an invitation. The candidates need to submit an EoI under this stream also, but they will receive invitations as soon as the state/territory approves the nomination. However, the criteria for selecting candidates are different for each state and territory.
In any case, the candidate must have work experience in one of the occupations featured in the occupation list of a particular state or territory. They must also have a genuine intention to reside in that particular state or territory.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

In order to apply for nomination from Australian Capital Territory(ACT) under Subclass 491 visa, the candidate must have at least 12 months of continuous work experience obtained within the last three years in the nominated occupation. They must also demonstrate employability in Canberra.

New South Wales ( NSW)

To obtain a nomination from New South Wales, they must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • An offer for a full-time employment in a regional area of NSW
  • Five years of skilled work experience in the nominated occupation
  • Immediate family member residing in a regional area

Northern Territory (NT)

To be eligible for nomination from the Northern Territory under Subclass 491 visa, the candidate must have work experience of at least 12 months acquired within the last 24 months in a nominated occupation. Otherwise, they must have Australian qualifications.

Queensland (QLD)

To receive nomination from Queensland, the candidate must have at least two years of work experience in a nominated occupation obtained after completing the education.

South Australia (SA)

To be nominated by South Australia for Subclass 491 visa, the candidate must have at least one year of skilled work experience acquired within the last three years. It need not necessarily be in the nominated occupation of the candidate.

Tasmania (TAS)

In order to be nominated by Tasmania, the candidate must not have lived in another Australia state or territory in the last 12 months. Further, the candidate must demonstrate that you have sufficient employment opportunities in the nominated occupation. If not, the candidate must have a job offer from an employer whose business is well established and there is a genuine need for the position.

Victoria (VIC)

To be eligible for nomination from Victoria for Subclass 491 visa, the candidate must have an offer for a full-time employment in a regional area with duration of at least 12 months.

Western Australia (WA)

To receive nomination from Western Australia, the candidate must have at least one year of Australian work experience or three years’ of work experience overseas in a nominated occupation. The contract for employment must be for duration of at least 12 months.
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