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Will Quebec Expression of Interest system remain upbeat in 2020 too?

Quebec Expression

Having Quebec already issued a high number of invitations in 2019 after the Quebec Expression of Interest system called Arrima was introduced, it is expected that the system would remain upbeat in the current year also. In the nine draws held in 2019, more than 2000 invitations were issued through Arrima, the Expression of Interest system for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. The system started issuing invitations in July 2019, almost one year after it was opened for candidates to submit profiles in the Expression of Interest bank. During this one year, the Government of Quebec cancelled thousands of applications submitted through the old system to Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

In the first Quebec Expression of Interest draw held on 4th July 2019, a total of 691 candidates received invitations, while in the latest draw of 2019 held on 17th December, 220 candidates received invitations.
A total 2062 have been issued so far since the Quebec Expression of Interest system came into being, for two types of candidates. One is those who are already in Quebec, but had their applications quashed as part of the Quebec immigration rules reforms. The second is candidates with a job offer. While those candidates with a job offer received 449 invitations through four Arrima draws, those who had their earlier applications quashed received 1613 invitations through five draws. The candidates who had their applications quashed were supposed to file a declaration of interest before December 17, 2019. In the draws held through the Quebec Expression of Interest system, the province has given priority to these candidates.
In 2020, Quebec is most likely to invite candidates based on their general profile. Further, it is expected that invitations would be issued to an increased number of candidates in a broader range through the Quebec Expression of Interest system. Quebec immigration authorities may also specify certain skills or occupations in the criteria for the future draws, it is assumed.
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