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Canada Opens Its Doors To Digital Nomads: A Detailed Look At The New Policy

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Canada has recently issued specific clarifications on its immigration policy to welcome more skilled workers. The new clarifications are directly related to making it easier for remote workers like you. You can live and work in the country for up to six months. This blog post delves into the specifics of this new Canada Immigration policy and how to apply for Digital Nomad visa. It addresses key questions and providing insightful details on how to move forward.

Who can you consider a Digital Nomad in Canada?

Digital Nomad Visa

According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), a digital nomad in Canada is someone who:

1. Can perform their job remotely from anywhere in the world: This means their work doesn’t require physical presence. It doesn’t require a specific location and can be done entirely through online means.

2. Works for a foreign employer: This encompasses individuals employed by companies outside of Canada.

3. Is self-employed: This includes freelancers, contractors, and independent business owners whose clients and operations are primarily outside of Canada.

4. Provides services to clients outside of Canada: This covers individuals offering various services remotely to clients in other countries.

Therefore, if you possess the flexibility to work remotely and your income originates from outside Canada, you might be a digital nomad under the current Canadian immigration policy and apply for Digital Nomad visa.

What Type of Visa Do I Need to Work as a Digital Nomad in Canada?

Even though Canada does not offer a specific “digital nomad visa”, you can initially enter Canada on a visitor visa to work remotely for up to six months. This eliminates the need for additional documentation specifically for digital nomads. 

However, convincing the border officer of your intention to leave at the authorized stay’s end is crucial. If you mention your intention to seek employment with a Canadian company during your visa application, you’ll be informed that a work permit is necessary before starting such work.

Can I Apply for a Work Permit if I Find a Canadian Job While on a Visitor Visa?

Yes, you can potentially apply for a work permit in Canada. However, Only if you find a Canadian job while on a visitor visa under the current policy, but with some important details to consider:

1. Visitor Visa Limitations: While a visitor visa allows you to work remotely for entities outside Canada, it prohibits working for a Canadian employer. Entering Canada to work for a Canadian company is explicitly against the terms of the visitor visa.

2. Policy Allowance: The recent policy clarification by IRCC acknowledges this and provides a pathway for transitioning to a work permit if you find employment with a Canadian company after your arrival. This means you can apply for a work permit and potentially switch your status once you have the job offer.

3. Crucial Step: If you express any intention during your visitor visa application of seeking employment with a Canadian company, you should know that a work permit is mandatory before starting such work. This emphasizes the importance of honesty during the application process.

Overall, while the policy allows for applying for a work permit after finding a Canadian job with a visitor visa, it’s crucial to note that:

1. Entering with the intent to work for a Canadian company is not allowed.

2. Honesty during the visitor visa application is essential.

3. The work permit application process is separate and requires additional steps.

You can get in touch with expert counsellors at CanApprove for personalized guidance on your specific situation and the most up-to-date information on this evolving policy and also seek assistance on how to apply for Digital Nomad visa.

What About My Family Members? Can They Work or Study in Canada?

Family members accompanying you as digital nomad cannot work or study in Canada under your visitor visa. They’ll need to apply for separate work permits or study permits if they wish to pursue those options.

Canada’s Bigger Picture: Tech Talent Strategy

This initiative is part of Canada’s broader tech talent strategy. Recognizing the tech sector’s significance to the economy, the government aims to attract skilled individuals like you. This strategy also includes:

1. An innovation stream within the International Mobility Program (IMP): This anticipated stream, will be announced soon. It will streamline the process for certain tech occupations and exempt them from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

2. A streamlined work permit for H1-B specialty occupation visa holders: This initiative, with a quota of 10,000 permits for 2023. It simplifies the transition for qualified individuals with existing US visas.

3. Improvements to existing tech programs like the Global Skills Strategy: This program offers expedited LMIA processing for Canadian employers hiring foreign workers in specific IT roles.

4. Category-based express entry draws: IRCC is now conducting special draws to invite specific profiles. Targeted occupations can apply for Canada PR. STEM occupations are one of the six categories currently. 

By implementing these measures, Canada hopes to position itself as a leading destination for global tech talent, including digital nomads seeking a unique and dynamic work environment.

How Will CanApprove Help You in Canada Immigration?

While immigration consultants or advisors cannot guarantee a successful visa application, we can ensure the following: 

1. Assessing eligibility: Review your circumstances and determine if you meet the criteria for a visitor visa or work permit based on the current policy framework.

2. Gathering documents: Guide you in collecting the necessary documents, such as proof of employment, financial statements, and travel documents, for your application.

3. Completing forms: Assist in filling out the application forms accurately and ensuring you complete all sections comprehensively.

4. Meeting deadlines: Help you stay on track with deadlines and ensure we submit your application within the specified timeframe.

Book your free consultation today to get started! 

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