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How to Build a Good Express Entry Profile & Prepare for The Canadian Job Market?

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If you found this blog, then you must be aspiring to make Canada your home. Canada is the most beautiful and immigration friendly where you could achieve all your dreams and lifestyle that you longed to enjoy. Migrating to Canada is as easy as ever with simple but crucial steps.

If at all you have to get a Canada PR, just focus on satisfying the criteria that ICCRC demands. However, people think it’s strenuous to get through the selection which actually, is not. This guide is for you and all the Canada migration aspirants to build up a good and convincing Express Entry Profile and prepare for the Canadian job market.



Express Entry

Express Entry is the selection system for Canada migration set by the Canadian government. The system acts based on ranking the immigration profiles in the express entry pool. Every profile is ranked based on the personal factors of the applicant like age, educational qualification, work experience, adaptability, language proficiency, and spouse related factors too!

The Comprehensive Ranking System, known as CRS is the system that ranks the profile of the applicant based on all the above-mentioned factors. The higher the CRS score, the more the possibility to migrate to Canada. Now, a few tips are following for you to build the best possible express entry profile.


How to build a good Express Entry profile?

Building a good Express Entry profile is not an overnight process. There are more to-dos to look after from the beginning that strengthens your Express Entry profile. As with any other work, rushing at the last minute will not make any changes instead, focus on increasing your scores from the beginning.

Now let us discuss the tips for increasing your CRS score.


1. Eligibility

Initial eligibility assessment is considered nothing but a formality by many people which is a complete misconception. Use legitimate and accurate information eligibility check.

Also, substantiate the assessment with necessary documents to add weight to your application. Therefore, you could an accurate preliminary assessment. This helps you to analyze the factors by which your CRS score is affected and also you get time to improvise your CRS score if needed.


2. Apply Early

Early bird gets the worm! Your age is one of the prime factors to offer you more CRS points whereas it would also lessen your score if you are too old to apply. 20 to 29 is the correct range of age to apply for the process. If you are crossing 30 then you should speed up your process to ensure your PR acquisition.

Moreover, your express entry profile will be valid for only a year but you can create a new one if the existing expires. Anyhow nothing is going to stop you from maintaining an express entry profile until you are considered minimally eligible to apply for PR.


3. Scale up your Education Level

The higher your education level, the more CRS points you are offered with. Assume an applicant who is a high school passed out is evaluated for CRS. He or she gets 30 points in CRS for education. For the same person with a bachelor’s and master’s degree, 120 and 150 points are offered accordingly.


4. Education Credential Assessment

ECA is a process to evaluate the standard of education in your home country. Canada demands the education level of its applicants to be equivalent to that of Canada’s which is stated by the ECA report.

You get your points based on your ECA report. For instance, if you are a master’s degree holder in your home country but ECA states that you only have a bachelor’s equivalency to that of Canada’s, you will only get the points for bachelor’s level despite completing master’s.  Have a fair play in analyzing all your credentials so that you won’t lose your points.


5. Language Proficiency

Improve your proficiency in English or French, the two official languages of Canada. Language proficiency is definitely going to grant you many points in your CRS.

For a highly competitive profile, meeting the minimum requirement is not enough. So, focus on doing well in the language tests to significantly increase the points. And, it is one of the easiest ways to increase the CRS points.

Be ready with your test results to activate your profile and make sure you get a sufficient score if at all you need to highly competitive.

Add-on tip: Practice the language to obtain perfection! Make it habitual…


6. Spouse’s qualifying factors matter a lot!

If your spouse has a competitive profile to get through the express entry, then making that profile as the primary applicant would increase the possibility of getting an invitation from Canada to apply for PR. If both the applicants are equally qualified, then the chances are doubled to get PR in Canada that you would be invited in the very next draw!



How to Prepare for the Canadian job market

Coming to the job market preparation, the fact that has to be accepted is that the market is highly competitive and if you have to claim that you are eligible to perform in the Canadian job market, you should have your skills acquainted.

Some tips to prepare for the Canadian job market are,


1. Identify your NOC and Justify it

One of the crucial factors for Canadian immigration is your occupation type. The Canadian government has classified the occupations in the Canadian job market based on the domains of work.

There are National Occupation Classification codes under which the occupations are classified. Relevant to your work experience, you can identify your NOC code that falls under your category of job. It adds points to your Express Entry Profile.


2. Build your Network

Networking is a great source to unlock abundant job opportunities. Build as many global networks as you can. Explore the global market. Connections are saviours!


3. Forge your resume & cover letter in Canadian format

Make your cover later and resume in Canadian format so that recruiter feels some Canadian essence which could get you a job in the Canadian market.

I’m glad that you’ve made it up to this. If you need any immigration consultation, don’t hesitate to call us. We are the industry best immigration & Education consultants headquartered in Canada, and acting in various parts of India & Middle East.

Do you wish to settle in Canada? Know your options by filling our free online assessment formContact CanApprove for more information.

Thanks for reading!!


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