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Consider these Canada immigration programs when job hunting

Canada Immigration

The good news is that nearly 248,000 jobs have been added over the first half of 2019, according to Statistics Canada. It is only expected that Canada will continue or even increase its job projections in the upcoming years. Combined with the friendly policy of Canada immigration, it is the perfect time to plan your immigration to Canada to lead a peaceful and prosperous life. 

The Canada immigration friendly policies have made job search and work experience for foreign nationals quite easier. Say, you don’t need a job offer to be eligible to immigrate to Canada whereas if you are lucky enough to have one, there are several Canada immigration programs open to you. 

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Since the launch of the Express Entry system in 2015, it has facilitated Canada immigration for foreign skilled workers to their desired provinces. The entry into Canada is based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score which ranks the candidates against each other based on their age, work experience, language proficiency, etc. 

However, with the urgency to fill job vacancies and aging demography, newer Canada immigration programs with minimal requirements have gained considerable attention among aspiring skilled immigrants to Canada.    

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

It is so often that aspiring immigrants fail to recognize the opportunities in rural areas while their Canada immigration strategy is entirely based on moving to urban centers. Launched in 2019, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program is aimed at addressing the labor and skilled needs of rural and northern communities. 

The Canada immigration pilot program covers 11 communities from the province of Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan. Applications are expected to be open soon and 11 participating communities are expected to welcome the new immigrants by 2020. 

Global Skills Strategy

The Global Skills Strategy (GSS) was rolled out keeping in mind the needs of businesses in Canada to attract the best overseas talent. Since its launch in 2017, it has attracted over 40,000 skilled workers to Canada. 

The tremendous success of this Canada immigration program is due to its  2-week application processing time! 

Start-Up Visa Program

Canada immigration for business entrepreneurs is exciting as the Start-up visa program grants easy immigration to Canada. The official stats are encouraging as over 750 entrepreneurs along with their family members have successfully moved into Canada.  

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Atlantic Immigration pilot program includes the Atlantic regions of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Prince Edward Islands for skilled immigration to Canada. 

Aspiring immigrants must have a job offer before they can proceed to apply under this immigration program. The pilot program has granted over 3000 permanent residencies and is expected to invite more eligible candidates. 

3 ways to make yourself more employable in Canada

  1. Improve your language skills: Canada immigration requires you to be proficient in English or French. Depending on the chosen province. Start working on improving your language skills for better job positions in Canada.  
  2. Find your suitable job: It is important to know which province or region is in demand for your kind of work skills. Visit our Job search portal to know the latest and suitable work opportunities in Canada for you! 
  3. Update your social networking sites: It becomes even more important to update your social networking sites if you are applying for a job position in Canada from a remote location. 

The Canadian authorities recommend you to seek professional assistance from ICCRC certified professionals. CanApprove, an ICCRC certified, has been a pioneer in immigration and education consultancy services for the past two decades. Wait for no further and contact us for processing your application for Canada immigration. 

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