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Reasons to Study in Germany for Indian Students

Studying in Germany for Indian students

Studying in Germany for Indian students is a popular choice as it provides world-class education and global exposure. Education in Germany for Indian students has helped them to achieve their goal of building a strong international career. The reasons to choose Germany as your study destination are numerous.

In this blog, we will break down the compelling reasons to choose Germany as a study destination:

Top Ranked Universities in Germany

Germany is home to world-renowned institutions that offers top-notch education and global exposure. The credentials acquired from an innovative country are recognized globally. Moreover, they have excellent faculty members and offers.

These institutions include:

  • Fresenius University of Applied Science
  • New European College
  • Technical University of Munich
  • Technische Universitat Dresden
  • Rwthaachen University


Thus, study in Germany offers great exposure to international students.

Courses to Study in Germany for Indian students

As Germany is regarded as one of the top countries in education, the courses offered are varied and unique. They offer different programs, such as undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs. These courses are designed to meet the demands of modern and developed society. You can choose from more than 17,435 courses offered by 371 universities.

Top Courses to Study in Germany

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Business management
  • IT
  • Law
  • Natural Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Data Analytics
  • Language studies
  • Theatre

Cost of Studying for Indian students in Germany

Courses in Germany for Indian students are offered at an affordable fee structure. This is an added advantage for students planning their studies in an international country. Moreover, public universities in Germany offer tuition-free English programs, which are comparatively less expensive.

The average tuition fee for studying in the Public Universities of Germany amounts to 5-5,000- 20,000 €. Whereas specialized MBA programs cost up to 65000€.

Type of university Average Tuition Fee
Public University 5000 -20000€
Private University 7000-39900€

Cost of living in Germany

Germany is one of the most economical countries to pursue your studies. Hence, students choose Germany to pursue their higher education. The overall living expense amounts to between 680€-1230€ per month.

Let us investigate the expenses by breaking down the cost of living.

Factors Items Cost of living
Accommodation Student dormitories/shared apartment €250 to €500/month
Food Groceries/Cooking at home €200 to € 400 /month
Health insurance Health insurance €80 to €100 / month
Transportation Buses/ train/ subways €50 to €50 /month
Utilities Electricity/water/internet €100 to €150 /month
Other Expenses Textbooks/phone bills/shopping/entertainment varies
Cost of living in Germany €680 to €1230 / month

Post Study Work Visa in Germany

One of the main reasons for international students to choose Germany is the opportunity to work part-time and earn. The country is economically stable and offers numerous opportunities to work part-time and make their studies affordable.

Students in Germany can work for up to 18 months after their graduation. You are allowed to do whatever job you want until you find permanent employment related to your field of study.

Job opportunities

Germany offers immense job opportunities for international students. German is the home country to many multinational companies that have marked their positions in the global market.

Top companies


Additionally, they offer a higher salary when compared to that of Indian employers. Hence, most of the students choose to study in Germany, a country that promises a bright career.

Safety and Diversity

Germany having the safest economy and welcomes students from around the world. Moreover, Germans values and follow rules and regulations, international students can feel secure in the country. Thus, studying in Germany for Indian students is one of the best ways to land on a successful career.

Wrap up

In conclusion, education in Germany for Indian students marks as one of the top countries with excellent possibilities to build a bright career. With excellent infrastructure, faculties, and world class education, choosing Germany will be the right and most appropriate choice. If the process is what takes you back, then Canapprove is right here to guide you through the entire process and supporting your dreams to study in Germany.


How much will it cost to study in Germany for Indian students?
The cost of study in Germany varies depending on the institutions you choose. In Public university, you can choose tuition free programs, whereas studies in Private universities cost up to €10000 to €12000.
Is IELTS required to study in Germany?
Yes, IELTS is required to apply for your education in Germany. IELTS exam is widely accepted as a language proficiency test in almost every international country.
Can I study in Germany without knowing German?
Yes, you can study in Germany without knowing German if you have completed your English proficiency test. (IELTS).
Is it easy to get PR in Germany after studies?
It is easy to get PR in Germany if you get the right guidance. Canapprove will help you to easily migrate and settle in a foreign nation
What is the success rate of Germany student visa?
German student visa has lower visa rejections. However, choosing the right consultant is crucial to attain visa success and right guidance.


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