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Are You a Skilled IT Professional? Canada is Calling You to Migrate!

Are You a Skilled IT Professional

It’s no doubt that technology is getting evolved at a rapid pace and so are the employment opportunities around the world. This definitely is good news for IT Professionals who are on the constant search for better opportunities & employment prospects and Canada is one such place which could offer you more than you expect. With cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal & more grabbing the headlines for being the top tech destinations in the world, you should definitely consider immigrating to Canada if you are an IT Skilled Professional. This article gives you clear insights about the latest Canadian in-demand IT Jobs, skills & more.

An Overview of the Canadian IT Sector: –

Canada has always been a place of innovation & progress, especially in the fields of artificial intelligence, clean technology & healthcare which has been one of the pivotal reasons for the noteworthy increase in Canadian skilled workers. The skyrocketing growth of the Canadian tech sector has been bringing in IT professionals from all parts of the world and also has created a huge demand for such IT Professionals which actually means the opportunities are available in abundant since the tech industry’s growth is nowhere to be slowing down in the near future!

Top In-Demand IT Skilled Jobs : –

Though there are abundant IT-related occupations in the province, there are few occupations that are considered as a top – priority. Below listed are some of the highly demanded tech job roles in the Canadian tech sector along with their National Occupational Classification Codes:

  1. Web Developer: NOC Code – 2175
  2. IT Managers: NOC Code – 0213
  3. Quality Assurance Analyst: NOC Code – 2171
  4.  AdministrSystemator: NOC Code – 2281
  5. IT Business Analyst: NOC Code – 2171
  6. Data Analyst: NOC Code – 2172
  7. Help Desk Analyst: NOC Code – 2282


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Some of the other IT related jobs in Canada being listed below:

  • Web Designer
  • Software Development Manager
  • Computer Networks Manager
  • Computer Software Design Manager
  • Systems Consultant
  • Software Quality Assurance Analyst
  • System Integration Consultant
  • Computer Help Desk Representative
  • Technical Support Supervisor
  • Software Technical Support Analyst
  • Data Warehouse Analyst & more.,

The above-mentioned are not the complete list of in-demand occupations in Canada. Get in touch with our team to know more about the high demanded IT-related jobs in Canada. Check out Canada’s Skilled Occupation List now!

Benefits of Working in Canada: –

Working in Canada could bring forward to you an endless number of benefits which you definitely shouldn’t be missing. Below listed are few of the abundant benefits you will be getting when you start working in Canada:

  • Employment insurance is one important benefit you get when you work in Canada. This includes benefits to your baby’s health, benefits when you are unable to work during sickness, self-employed people benefits, educational benefits & more.
  • Working in Canada helps you find the balance between work life & your personal life. The Canadian working hours (40 hours per week) can help you spend quality time with your family.
  • Canada is one of the highest paying countries in the world. As a skilled worker immigrating to Canada, it is no doubt that you will experience a high standard of living.
  • The cost of living in Canada is quite cheap when compared to most of the developed countries.
  • The greatest benefit of all is, you get to apply for a Canadian Citizenship when you work in Canada for three years as a permanent resident holder.

The Bottom Line: –

Working in one of the best places can help you grow both professionally & personally. With the Canadian Government needing more IT professionals greater than ever, you should be starting off with the Canadian Immigration process right away!

Get in touch with our team of expert immigration consultants today and check your eligibility to immigrate to Canada for free!

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