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Workers on high demand in Canada; More than 1 million job vacancies reported

Job vacancies

The Canadian economy is fast recovering from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and according to data from Statistics Canada, a total of 91100 people were hired by Canadian employers in the month of September alone. The highest number of hiring was reported in Ontario, with 43000 people being newly placed. Second came British Columbia, followed by Quebec. This is the fourth consecutive month where Canada is recording a rise in the number of new employments.

The rise in employments was led mainly by the services sector, especially accommodation and food, public administration as well as finance and insurance.

The rise in the number of jobs has also led to labour shortage in the country. More than 1 million job vacancies were reported in September. Nearly 200,000 vacancies were reported in accommodation and food sector alone and the job vacancy rate was 14.4 per cent. Healthcare and social assistance sector reported 130,000 vacancies in September. The vacancies reported in the retail trade sector were 122,000. Construction and manufacturing sectors also had 80,000 vacant positions each.

Migrate to Canada

Canada is one of the most popular centres for immigration. The country considers immigration as a solution for its demographic challenges as well as a means for economic growth. Canada has one of the lowest natural birth-rates and a population that is aging fast. It means the country does not have enough young skilled workers who can contribute towards its economic growth. So Canada admits skilled workers from abroad, who are willing to live and work in the country. Young workers boost the economy of Canada in more than one way. They pay taxes, contribute their skills and labour for growth in different sectors and spend more compared to older people.

Those who migrate to Canada permanently enjoy a lot of perks including free school education for children, free healthcare, pension and other social security benefits.

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