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Canada praised for boosting number of new immigrants

canada praised for boosting

Canada is a country that gives much importance to immigration as it is crucial for the country’s economic growth. Now Canada is winning for boosting the number of newcomers welcomed to the country in 2021, despite the pandemic. According to experts, the recent spurt in the number of new immigrants will give a boost to Canadian economy.

In 2020, Canada had introduced border controls in the wake of the outbreak of COVID-19, which significantly brought down the number of new immigrants. But later, Canada adopted a slew of measures to reduce the impact of the pandemic on immigration rates and compensate for the reduction in the number of immigrants in 2020.


Towards this direction, Canada announced that the entire immigration processing will be made digital. According to Canada’s immigration Minister, this move will make the immigration system go completely virtual and touchless as well as speed up the entire immigration process.

Canada has set ambitious immigration targets for the next three years. In the current year, Canada is planning to welcome close to 401000 new permanent residents. For 2022, the immigration target is 411000 in 2022 and for 2023, the target is 421000. The immigration authorities are confident that despite the pandemic situation, the country would be able to meet these targets.

The Conference Board of Canada expects that the spike in immigration levels would lead to GDP growth of 44 per cent. It will also increase the number of residents in the country, who are in the working age. This will add $50 billion to the annual tax revenues between 2036 and 2040, according to the Canadian think-tank.

The Confederation has also made some suggestions for Canada to make the most out of immigration during the pandemic period. These include increasing support to new immigrants, ensuring successful integration of new immigrants to the Canadian society, expediting the arrival of family class immigrants and focusing on regionalization of immigration.

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