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Canada ranked sixth among 167 countries in Democracy Index

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Canada has been ranked sixth among the 167 democracies in the world, in the updated Democracy Index released by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Canada also scored 10 out 10 in civil liberties. Canada’s overall score in Democracy Index remained unchanged since 2017 at 9.15. The countries that ranked ahead of Canada on the Democracy Index are Norway, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand and Denmark.
Full democracy
The Index has classified Canada as a “full democracy”. A full democracy is the one “in which not only basic political freedoms and civil liberties are respected, but which also tend to be underpinned by a political culture conducive to the flourishing of democracy,” according to the Democracy Index. The factors that decide whether a country is a full democracy include a functioning government, independent media, an effective system of checks and balances and an independent judiciary. Only 20 countries were awarded the full democracy title in the Democracy Index among which Canada was one. Meanwhile, the United States of America, Canada’s neighboring country, remained a “flawed democracy” after losing the title of full democracy in 2016.
Full score in civil liberties
Canada, along with three other countries, scored full marks in civil liberties. The other countries which achieved this feat were New Zealand, Australia and Ireland. The Democracy Index noted that Canada supported freedom of expression and religious and cultural tolerance. It further pointed out that all Canadians enjoyed equality under the law. Canada also earned high scores in the electoral process and the functioning of the government.
However, the Index noted that Canada could improve on factors such as political participation. Poor voter turnout, low membership in political parties and a general lack of political engagement are the signs of weak political participation. Canada could score only 7.78 in this category, its lowest among the five categories.
Ranked as one of the best democracies in the world, Canada has once again proved that it is the right place to live and thrive. If you are interested in Canada immigration, this is the right time to apply. Contact us for any assistance.

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