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Canada election 2021 results: Expected effects of Liberals’ victory on immigration

Canada elections 2021

The Canada election 2021 results are out and the Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau has come to power for the third consecutive time. According to reports from Canada, the Party is going to form another minority government. The Liberals are leading with 148 seats, while the opposing Conservatives won 103 seats. The Quebec-based Bloc Quebecois has 28 seats and the leftist New Democratic Party has 22 seats. To get majority, the party needs to win in at least 170 seats. But as this did not happen, the Liberals will have to depend on the support of other parties to stay in power.

During the campaign both the Liberals and the Conservatives had promised to increase the immigration levels, address the backlogs in applications and improve the credential recognition system.

Canada election 2021 results and immigration

Experts think that Liberals winning the elections means major policy changes and surprises as far as Canada immigration is concerned in the coming years. From 2019, the Liberal Government has been taking their immigration agenda forward without much controversy. So we may expect the continuation of the Liberals’ immigration agenda, which is being implemented since 2015. Canada will be welcoming a high number of immigrants to boost the country’s post-pandemic recovery. The country will also keep upholding its policy of uniting families and welcoming global talents such as temporary foreign workers and international students.

Liberal Party’s election promises

Besides, the Liberal Party had promised to end the citizenship fee if they come to power. They had also promised to promote Francophone immigration, both in Quebec and outside. Another promise is reducing the processing times for immigration applications. They also want to expand PR pathways for temporary foreign workers and former international students by providing them more Comprehensive Ranking System score points on the Express Entry system.

It is all likely that Marco Mendicino will continue to be Canada’s Immigration Minister after the new government comes to power. The Prime Minister will be assigning mandate letters for all ministers, and the mandate letter for Mendicino will outline Canada’s priorities in immigration.

We can also expect the announcement of Canada’s new Immigration Levels Plan for 2022-2024. It will detail on the admission targets, the number of immigration candidates to be targeted under each immigration class as well as nomination allocations for provinces. This announcement can be expected at the latest by March 2022. However, it is sure that the Liberals will remain committed to the target of welcoming more than 400000 candidates in each of the coming years. We can also expect Canada’s Budget around the same time which will make clear how much the Canadian government will be investing on the immigration system to improve it further.

Liberals coming back to power means that more immigrants will be welcomed to Canada. This is the right time to start your Canada immigration process. Register with CanApprove now!

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