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Canada held number 1 position for the first time!

Canada at first position

Canada has topped the list of best countries overall, ascertains the latest news report. Yes, for the first time Canada has ranked as the top best country in the world.



The great white north (Canada!) encapsulates two-fifths of the North American continent becoming the second-largest country in the world following Russia. The country is sparsely populated and highly relies on immigration thus holding a sustainable reputation in welcoming immigrants, as we know.

Owing to the increase in immigration over the years, a national policy of multiculturalism was adopted in Canada in 1971 encouraging all the citizens and residents to inherit and honour their own culture. This acts as a celebration factor of the country’s diversity.

Now, according to US News Report, Canada, for its outstanding national performance, has been ranked first among other nations in the list of best countries in the world. Consolidating the data and storytelling to analyse how countries compare on a host of global issues, it’s implicated that Canada is being the overall best country.


Canada is Number 1!

Canada has been uplifted to the first position (not farther erstwhile, from second to first) in the list of overall best countries having Japan and Germany in the subsequent positions. Switzerland, the previous number one ranker is pushed to number 4 while Australia and the USA attained 5th and 6th positions respectively.  

This year, the model that controls this report has developed owing to a ground-breaking year since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social, monetary, political and mechanical impacts stay significant, and two new classes have been added: social purpose and agility. Together, this expansive scope of classes decides how the nations examined are positioned on the world stage.

Canada, in terms of human capital development, GDP, remuneration, adventure, tourism, livelihood, immigration, education, healthcare, and all other national performance metrics, has been ranked in appropriate positions and reached first place in the wake of consolidation. 

Also, Canada positions No. 1 in quality of life and social purpose. It is likewise seen as having a great job market and highly concerned about human rights. Further, its commitment to social justice has also acted as a propeller to push it to the first. More importantly, the nation is non-corrupt and respecting property rights.

Metrics used to prepare the evaluation model of best countries

  • Adventure
  • Agility
  • Cultural Influence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Heritage
  • Movers
  • Open for Business
  • Power
  • Quality of Life
  • Social Purpose


FAQ – Will this motivate Canada to liberate immigration?

Of course, Yes. This will be fruitful for immigration aspirants and overseas education planners to get into Canada. Reaching the first position is the by-product of national performance and held to the position is purely determined by how well the country performs henceforth.

Owing to the pandemic, it might be temporarily impossible to relocate, but it’s a global problem. Once this cloud passes, the immigrants might get happy news.


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