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Eight highest paying tech jobs in Canada

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The pandemic season has multiplied the demand for information technology experts in Canada, as the number of those who opt for online shopping and work from home has increased significantly in the country. Randstad Canada, a prominent human resources firm in Canada points out that with the pandemic, technology has become an important part of people’s lives as well as the economy in Canada.

Because of this reason, the demand for qualified tech professionals is high in Canada. Canada’s immigration system has several pathways that aim to attract qualified tech professionals to the country. Some Provincial Nominee Programs such as that of Ontario and British Columbia also give increased prominence to tech specialists and conduct draws exclusively for them.

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According to data from Job Bank, a major employment website in Canada, the following are eight of the highest paying tech jobs in Canada.

Software Developer (NOC 2073)

The pandemic has led to unprecedented increase in online activities such as shopping and work from home. So the demand is high for those professionals who can create or modify computer applications and software that can effectively address the increasing requirements. The annual income of software developers in Canada is between $42,178 and $112,125.

IT Project Manager (NOC 0213)

IT project manager is one of the most in demand jobs in Canada. The primary responsibility of these professionals is to manage the teams of IT specialists who work a particular project. The annual income is of IT project managers is between $64,291 and $140,634.

IT Business Analyst (NOC 2171)

IT business analysts analyse technology and software applied for the operations and growth of a business. They also help businesses make the right decisions about how they should use data and analytics. As more businesses are depending on IT for their diverse operations, IT business analysts have a more important role to play. The annual pay for IT business analysts in Canada is between $46,800 and $112,495.

Database Analyst(NOC 2172)

Database analyst designs, develops and administers data management solutions with the help of database management software. These professionals are highly sought after in the Canadian job market as proper use of data is crucial for the success of any business these days. Database analysts draw an annual salary between $37,537 and $109,005.

Quality Assurance Analyst(NOC 2171)

Quality assurance analysts are responsible for analysing and testing system requirements, developing and implementing information systems development plans, policies and procedures as well as providing advice on a wide range of information system issues. The annual salary of a quality assurance analyst in Canada can be anything between $46,800 and $112,495.

Security Analysts and Architects (NOC 2171)

The relevance of data security has increased these days with companies and governments gathering data about people. Data security analysts have high demand in Canada and their annual salaries range between $46,800 and $112,495.

Business Systems Analyst (NOC 2171)

A business systems analyst develops and implements specific systems for the employer. Their annual income is between $46,800 and $112,495.

Network Engineer (NOC 2147 or 2281)

Network engineers research, plan, design, develop, modify, evaluate and integrate computer and telecommunication hardware and equipment as well as local and wide area networks, fibre-optic networks, wireless communication networks, intranets, internet and other data communications systems. They earn an annual salary between $48,750 and $124,683.

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