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Number of job vacancies in Canada remain high

Job vacancies in Canada remain close to one million, show the latest data. As in September 2022, there were 994800 vacant positions in Canada. During the same month, the number of job vacancies increased by 3.8% and majority of these positions were added by Ontario and Saskatchewan. The job vacancy rate also increased to 5.7%.

Healthcare and social assistance sector of Canada had the highest number of job vacancies in September at 159500. The sector has witnessed an annual increase of around 25% in the last few years. The demand for professionals in this sector has further increased in the wake of COVID-19. Canada has made it easier for some categories of professionals in this sector to obtain PR, with an aim to reduce labour shortage crisis in this sector.

Another sector that had a high number of vacancies was Accommodation and Food Services. The number of vacancies in this sector increased to 152400 in September. Businesses in this sector recovering from the impact of the pandemic can be a reason for this increase. Retail trade also had 117300 vacant positions in September with the job vacancy rate at 5.5%.

Professional scientific and technical services also had high demand for workers. It comprises various services such as legal services, accounting, architectural and engineering, computer systems design, management consulting, advertising, public relations etc. The number of vacancies in this sector was 61900 in September and the job vacancy rate was 5%. Experts predict that the job vacancy rate would remain high in the coming months.

Canada views immigration as the major solution for the labour shortage crisis the country is facing today. Especially in the context where a high number of Canadian workers are about to hit retirement soon, Canada is increasing the number of immigrants admitted to the country. Most number of immigrants who come to Canada in the next few years will be economic immigrants, especially Express Entry and PNP immigrants.
Foreign skilled workers in various economic sectors have high demand in Canada. Are you planning to migrate to Canada? Find your best options with the help of Canada immigration experts of CanApprove. Contact us now!

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