Quebec residents want more immigration

Though the Quebec government has made it clear that immigration levels to the province would remain the same, the residents want more immigration. This was revealed in an online poll commissioned by the Association of Canadian Studies.

It was recently, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser revealed Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan 2023-25. As per a provincial-federal agreement, Quebec’s annual share of immigrants must be in proportion to its population. Considering this, Quebec should accept 106950 new permanent residents next year, which is 23 percent of the total 465000 new permanent residents to be accepted by Canada. By 2025, the number should increase to 115000. But Quebec Immigration Minister Christine Frechette said that Quebec’s annual immigration target is currently 50,000.

pnp finderCanada’s Immigration Levels Plan 2023-25

As per the Immigration Levels Plan of Canada for 2023-25, the country would be welcoming 465000 new immigrants in 2023. In 2024, the number would increase to 485000 and in 2025, the number would be 500000. In 2021, Canada welcomed a record number of 405000 new immigrants. The target for the current year is 432000.

As per the Immigration Levels Plan 2023-25, majority of immigrants would come to Canada through Economic Class Programs such as Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program. In 2023, 82880 immigrants would come to Canada through Express Entry. In 2024, the number would be 109020 and in 2025, it would be 114000. At the same time, the PNP target for 2023 is 105500, for 2024 it is 110000 and for 2025, the target is 117500. Besides, over 80000 newcomers would come to Canada through Spouses, Partners and Children’s programs.

Canada needs immigrants to meet its economic and demographic challenges. The country has low natural birth rate and its population is aging fast. Besides, a high number of Canada’s workforce would hit their retirement age in the coming few years. So Canada wants more skilled workers to move to the country. Further, the immigrants support Canadian economy in many ways, which include paying taxes and spending more. So Canada has been increasing the number of immigrants welcomed by the country. The numbers are going to increase further in the coming years.

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