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Canada right on track to welcome 431000 in 2022

Canada right on track to welcome 431000 in 2022

As on August 22, Canada has welcomed more than 300,000 new permanent residents, which indicates that the country is right on the track to meet its annual immigration target of 431000 newcomers for the current year. Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said that it was for the first time in history, Canada is hitting the 300,000 mark this early in a year. In the past, Canada has welcomed more than 300,000 new immigrants in six years, which are 1911, 1913, 2018, 2019 and 2021.

Canada welcomes more immigrants in the first half of 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a slump in the intake of new immigrants in 2020, but Canada is all set to make up for this slump by inviting record number of immigrants in these years. In 2021, though Canada welcomed a record-breaking 405,330 newcomers, the 300,000 mark was crossed only in the fourth quarter of the year. When the first six months of the current year ended, Canada had already welcomed 231620 new immigrants. In the following two months, the country welcomed a total of 68000 permanent residents. If this pace continues for the rest of the year, Canada would meet or exceed its annual immigration target for the current year, which is 431000 new immigrants. It would also break the record set in the previous year.

India is top source country for Canada immigration

Since 2017, India has been the top source country for new immigrants to Canada. In the first six months of the current year, a total of 68280 Indians moved to Canada permanently, which constitute around 29% of all new immigrants moved to Canada during that period.

Canada needs more immigrants

Canada is facing a huge shortage of labour. The country currently has more than one million vacant jobs and a significant percentage of the existing work force would retire by the year 2030. Canada is aiming to overcome this crisis through immigration. By 2024, Canada’s annual immigration target will rise up to more than 450000.

Canada is also taking serious efforts to make the immigration process smoother. Efforts to totally digitize the application process would start on September 23 and by 2023 more immigration program would have application status trackers.

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