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Canada ranked top country in terms of immigration, investment

Canada Ranked top

Canada has been ranked as the top country in terms of immigration practices and investment climate in the 2021 Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index (NBI). Similarly, Canada has moved forward to second position in overall rankings of the index after Germany. In the past three years, Canada was in the third position. This is for the first time Canada is moving to the second position in overall rankings. Canada has first place in governance, people, immigration and investment. The country also has relatively steady ranking in export, tourism and culture.

Canada gives top priority to immigration

Canada looks at immigration as a means for recovering from the impact of COVID-19 on the economy. So Canada has set an ambitious immigration target for this year and the next few years, which has been reiterated by Sean Fraser, the newly sworn-in immigration minister of Canada. He revealed that Canada was well on track in meeting its annual immigration target for 2021, which is 401,000 new permanent residents. The target set for 2022 is 411000 and the one set of 2023 is 421000. By setting these high immigration targets, Canada is aiming to compensate for the downfall in immigration happened in the past year owing to the impact of the pandemic. A massive vaccination drive was organized in the country and the economy and society in Canada are soon returning to normalcy.

Business sector in Canada upbeat with hope

With Canada easing restrictions, the business community in the country is hopeful that the sector would bounce back to normalcy in no time. More Canadians have started to go out for vacations and engage in social activities. It means more spending, which is good for businesses. They expect that demand for goods and services would go further up in the coming months. Foreign investors are also finding this to be a great opportunity and that is the reason why Canada is ranked as the best for investment climate.

Best start-up climate

According to the 21 Global Start-up Ecosystem Index Report, Canada has fourth position in terms of best start-up climate. The country has the third highest number of cities in the top 50 list of best start-up cities in terms of best investment climate.  

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