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Why Canadian employers are hiring more foreign workers?

Every year, Canadian employers hire hundreds of foreign workers to fill the vacant positions. Canada has more than 100 immigration pathways to welcome foreign workers who wish to work in the country. The number foreign workers being welcomed by Canada is increasing by each passing year. There are many reasons why Canadian employers need foreign workers. Below listed are a few major reasons why Canada needs more foreign workers.

An aging population

Canada is a country with low birth rate and high life expectancy. It means the number of youth in employable age is less in the country. A large number of baby boomers will be retiring in the coming few years and that means Canada will need more foreign workers to replace them. This is one of the reasons why Canadian employers need foreign workers.

Scarcity of skilled labour

Skilled labour force is a necessary factor ensuring the growth of various industrial sectors. But Canada is facing a shortage of workers with education and work experience for various occupations. Canadian employers need such skilled workers to operate their businesses smoothly and ensure growth.

Bring in different ideas

No doubt, business innovation is largely fuelled by diversity in ideas. Foreign workers bring in different perspectives to look at a problem so that you may find effective solutions to them. As foreign workers come from different social, cultural and educational backgrounds, they can contribute some valuable ideas to any business that aims growth and expansion.

Canadian education

Many international students choose to pursue their higher studies in internationally reputed Canadian higher education institutions these days. After the studies they also have a chance to earn Canadian work experience with Postgraduate Work Permit Program. These two factors make it easier for them to integrate into Canadian workforce. Many students are hired by employers while they work on Postgraduate Work Experience, which makes them easy to obtain Canada PR.

High demand for foreign workers means more opportunities for them to get jobs. So if you are thinking about migrating to Canada, this is the right time to start the process. Contact us to know more.

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