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Elections likely to make minimum impact on Canada immigration system

Canada immigration

As Canada is all set to have federal elections on October 21, those aspiring to migrate to Canada are curious to know how the results are going to influence Canada immigration policies. A look back into the history of the Canada immigration system gives a cue that the Canada immigration system is all likely to remain stable in the coming years irrespective of which party wins the polls.
The immigration levels of Canada are predicted to remain above 300,000 per year, whatever be the outcome of the upcoming elections. Ever since the 1980s, when the Conservatives decided to double the annual immigration levels to above 200,000, both the Conservatives and the Liberals have continued the policy of increasing immigration levels. This is because both parties agree that immigration is necessary to sustain the economic growth of the country, which has an ageing population and low birthrate. As more than 9 million Canadians in the country’s workforce are about to retire within the next decade, Canada will have to keep the immigration levels high in order to meet the demands of the labour market.
However, both parties have different views regarding the composition of newcomers. It can be noted that the previous Conservative government gave prominence to economic immigration, with 63 per cent of the Canada’s immigrants arriving under the economic class. Around 27 per cent migrated to Canada under the family class and 10 per cent as refugees.
But the incumbent Liberals brought down the percentage of economic immigrants to 58 percent and increased the share of refugees to about 15 per cent. They retained the percentage of family class as it is. As per the Immigration Levels Plan of Canada for 2019-2021, this distribution is going to remain the same for the next two years.
But if the Conservatives come to power, they may increase the share of economic class to above 60 per cent, while bringing down the share of refugees. It is also predicted the elections results are less likely to affect the settlement funding.
So in all likelihood, the immigration trends of Canada will most probably be following the same pattern of the recent decades, when the country has seen a steady increase in immigration levels as well as a commitment to invest in global talent.
Canada is in need of immigrants to sustain the economic growth and demographic balance of the country, as its population is ageing fast. Migrating to Canada is your chance to start a better life with more opportunities and high quality of living. Take the first step to start your migration journey with CanApprove by contacting us right now!

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