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Why are Canadian employers keen to hire immigrant workers?

Canadian employers keen to hire immigrant workers

Canada is one of the very few countries that have a welcoming policy towards immigrants. The country has six times as many skilled immigrants as the percentage of the population. Canada has kept is borders open for immigrants and this move has helped the Canadian economy and society in more than one way.

The Canadian employers also prefer to hire skilled immigrants as workers. Here are a few reasons why Canadian businesses prefer to employ foreign skilled workers:

Scarcity of skilled labour

Canadian employers often find it difficult to hire employees with particular talents and skills to fill the available vacancies. This is because the supply of skilled labour is limited in many parts of Canada. Besides, because of low birth rate, the Canadian population is aging fast. So Canada depends on immigration to ensure the availability of young skilled labour force in the country.

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Valuable Experience

Immigrant workers, from their living and working experience in a different country, can give valuable insights about how to approach prospective clients in this country and the business environments in these countries. It help businesses take informed decisions when in comes to operating in markets abroad.


Adaptability is a skill that employers want to have in employees, especially in the current situation where business environments keep changing. As far as an immigrant is concerned, it is obvious that they have the ability and willingness to adapt to changing situations. Adaptable employees add to the resilience of any company. So, employers prefer to hire immigrant workers.

Strong work ethics

For immigrants, being able to live and work in Canada is a golden opportunity to have a secured life for themselves and their families. Because of this reason, they give high priority to their jobs. They strive to prove themselves and maintain a strong work ethic. This is a major reason why skilled workers have high demand in Canada.

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Canadian society gives high respect to diversity and inclusion. So hiring foreign workers enhances the corporate reputation of companies in Canada. Because of this reason, Canadian employers are encouraged to hire foreign workers.

Ease of training

The immigrant workers, when they come to Canada, are well aware that they need to learn a lot about working in new environments. So, they are more willing and receptive towards training. It makes the training processes easier and more effective. This is another reason why Canadian employers prefer to hire foreign workers.

Canada has a lot of job opportunities for immigrant workers. Do you wish to build a successful career and have a secured life in Canada? Explore your options for Canada immigration by connecting with CanApprove.

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