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What makes Canada the best migration destination?

Canada Immigration

Options are many for those who wish to build a better life abroad. But in the past few years, Canada has emerged as one of the most popular destinations for immigration for people across the world. This is mainly because Canada gives several opportunities for growth for immigrants and allows them to enjoy a better quality life. Now following are the major reasons why Canada is your best choice for immigration.


A stable economy

Canada is one of the richest countries in the world. Though the pandemic had an impact on the growth of Canadian economy, with the country’s rich resources and booming industrial sectors such as technology and energy, it has the potential to get back to its optimum level of growth. Inflation rate is low in the country, so is the unemployment rate. Besides, the growing industries in Canada keep creating new jobs, giving opportunities for immigrant workers.

Free Healthcare

Canada is a country that ensures free universal healthcare for its residents. For citizens and permanent residents in Canada, healthcare is a fundamental right and they are eligible to receive most of the healthcare services for free. If you have a healthcare card, you will have access to health services in Canada.

Quality education for children

Migrating to Canada leads to the best educational opportunities for your children. Canada has a quality education system and it is a country that allocates a major proportion of its spending on education. Education is free at school level and Canada also hosts some of world’s best universities and colleges, which means students in the country have access to quality higher education. Furthermore, students who are residents or citizens in the country can study in these institutions at subsidized fees.

Multicultural society

Canadian society is peaceful and upholds cultural diversity and tolerance. In Canada, immigrants are allowed to follow their own culture, religion and language. So, it is easy for the immigrants to feel at home in Canada, even if they are new to the country.

Low crime rates

Canada is a peaceful society and crime rates are less in the country. Canada has strict gun laws and violent crimes are quite less. So Canada is a safe country to settle in.

More benefits for workers

Canada has several policies to ensure that rights of the workers are protected. All employees in the country are entitled for two weeks of guaranteed paid leave. They also get approximately 6-10 statutory holidays in a year. The employees also enjoy 18 months of parental leave, which can be shared among parents. Besides, they enjoy the benefits of Canadian Pension Pan and Employment Insurance. They are also provided Old Age Security and a federal childcare benefit.

Moving to Canada can lead you to a better future and quality life. Want to know your options? Connect with the Canada immigration consultants of CanApprove now!

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