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Canada business leaders call for enhancing Canada immigration system

Canada immigration

In an open letter to Canada Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, the Business Council of Canada has urged the government to facilitate immigration for skilled foreign workers and enhance the Canada immigration system. The letter that contained a list of pre-budget recommendations, also asked the Canada government to focus on long-term growth of the economy as well as job creation.
The letter highlighted the need for cultivating and enhancing Canada’s human capital by developing a more agile and adaptable workforce. It also pointed out the need for enhancing Canada immigration system so that the country becomes a more powerful magnet for international talents.
Further, the Business Council of Canada’s letter called the government remove barriers for the newcomers to integrate well to the Canadian labour market. They pointed out that the foreign credential recognition was preventing some skilled workers from taking up jobs in which they have experience.

Plans for enhancing Canada immigration system

The Liberal government is planning to invest $15 million in 2021 and 2022 for enhancing the current support system for the labour market integration of skilled newcomers. As per the plan, the focus will be on the most in-demand sectors that include health, IT and skilled trades. Besides, in July this year, Canada has allotted $72.1 million to the federal immigration department for modernising the application processing system by completely eliminating paper-based applications.
The business leaders of Canada think that attracting foreign skilled workers to the country is pivotal for  economic growth and post-COVID economic recovery of the country. So they are highlighting the need for enhancing the Canada immigration system. Canada is facing a dearth of skilled workers and needs immigrants to fill the gaps in the labour market. The country is promoting immigration so that businesses have enough supply of skilled labour, which help them grow further and thus contribute towards the sustained development of economy.
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