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Booming tech sector of Canada needs more foreign workers


One cannot deny the fact that the outbreak of COVID-19 had a major impact on employment in Canada, as it affected almost three million jobs. But the Canadian job market and the economy recovered in no time. Among the various sectors, the recovery of tech sector in Canada was spectacular. That resulted in a rise in the number of STEM jobs. To be clearer, STEM jobs were more abundant than they were before the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. Statistical data show that in Canada, STEM-related employment rose by 8.7 percent in October, compared to February. Programmers, engineers and other tech workers were in high demand during this period.
Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, Canada continues to build its reputation as an international tech hub. Toronto is fast becoming a new Silicon Valley.
One of the major reasons why the tech sector of Canada remained resilient during the pandemic period is the fact that it could transition online and employees were allowed to work remotely.
Foreign tech companies are now increasingly tapping into tech talent in Canada.  Tech giants such as Google and Facebook have expanded their operations to Canada over the last five years because of the availability of senior tech talent. As people can work from anywhere, other foreign tech companies have created more opportunities for Canadians.
Another major reason for the growth of the Canadian tech sector is the tough immigration policies of the US, a country which was previously the favourite destination of tech professionals. Canada has succeeded to a great extent in luring US-based tech workers who are worried about their immigration status.
Canada is depending upon immigrant workers to fill the job vacancies arising in the tech sector and attracts skilled foreign tech workers to the country. As per the country’s new Immigration Levels Plan, Canada will be welcoming more than 400,000 permanent residents every year between 2021 and 2023.  This is mainly because Canada will be depending on immigrants in the economic recovery of the country.

Global Talent Stream

Global Talent Stream is one of the major schemes for helping Canadian tech employers to hire foreign employees within the shortest possible time. The Global Talent Stream of Canada aims to fast-track the immigration of highly skilled temporary foreign workers to the country. Applications under this Stream are assessed within just two weeks. It means an applicant can move to Canada within just four weeks under this program.
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