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Canada’s tech industry booming, lures global talents

Canada’s tech industry

The development of COVID-19 vaccines has made significant breakthroughs in the recent days, giving hopes for the resumption of international travel. In this context, many advanced countries are making serious efforts to lure global talents, with their eased working environment and success in controlling the spread of corona virus pandemic as the major attractions. Despite the negative impact of COVID-19 on other industrial sectors, Canada’s tech industry has been developing rapidly, creating a high number of job opportunities and attracting global talents in high numbers.
Experts call this the great war for talent, as countries in North America, Western Europe and Northeast Asia compete with one another to attract global talent, in the wake of their unsustainable debts, aging workforce and shortage of labour. What these countries have are high quality infrastructure, better environment as well as political stability. Though many Asian countries including India do not have these facilities, they have labour surplus. So the skilled workers in these countries aim to migrate so that they can enjoy better quality life and more career opportunities.

Canada’s tech industry attracting global talents

Canada’s tech industry has specially been keen about attracting global talents. Canada’s tech industry is booming rapidly and currently, the country has nearly 100,000 jobs in the STEM discipline than there were before the outbreak of COVID-19. A major reason for the resilience of the Canada tech sector is the efficient immigration system of Canada that welcomes talented foreign workers.
Giant tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon have set up large research and development facilities in Canada in the recent years. A high number of foreign startups are also moving to Canada because of the availability of programmers, engineers, AI experts and scientists in the country. Now the challenge of Canada is to continue creating and promoting opportunities and incentives to retain these talents in the country. The recent immigration reforms by Canada indicate that the country is on the right path in this regard.

This is in contrast to the US tightening is immigration rules in the recent years. In October, the US imposed high salary requirements for obtaining H-1B visa. The country also altered the definition of specialty occupation to limit its eligibility and to provide more jobs for American workers.
Canada has announced that the country would be welcoming more than 400,000 new permanent residents in each of the next three years, in Immigration Levels Plan for 2021 to 2023. So if you wish to move to Canada in the future, start the preparations right away. Contact CanApprove for professional guidance on migrating to Canada.

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