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French Proficiency (2023-1): IRCC Invites Another 2,300 Express Entry Profiles for Canada PR

French Speaking Ability



1. Candidates with French Speaking Ability got high priority.
2. IRCC held its fourth category-based Express Entry draw on July 07.
3. 2,300 registered foreign nationals with strong French-speaking ability received ITAs for Canada PR.
4. The qualifying score was the lowest so far this year at 439.
5. IRCC invited over 9,800 candidates through all-program and category-based Express Entry draws in the last two weeks.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held its first-ever category-based Express Entry draw under the French language proficiency (2023-1) category on July 07.  

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This also marks the 256th Express Entry draw since 2015, resulting in 2,300 invitations to candidates with strong French speaking ability to apply for Canadian permanent residency (PR). 

The CRS score required for nomination was 439. However, if more than one candidate has the lowest score, IRCC considered profiles submitted on or before January 20, 2023, at 17:18:32 UTC.

Invited candidates need not show any prior work experience to qualify. 

Three other category-based Express Entry draws have preceded the July 07 draw, two of which were held in the same week – healthcare occupations (2023-1) and STEM occupations (2023-1) categories.   

Over the last two weeks, about 5,000 candidates with a minimum of six months of work experience in healthcare and STEM occupations in Canada or abroad qualified for PR through the new category-based draws.


Who are French-Speaking Newcomers in Canada?

French-speaking newcomers in Canada refer to individuals or families who have recently immigrated to Canada and speak French as their first language or are fluent in French. 

They settle in predominantly French-speaking provinces like Quebec, New Brunswick, or parts of Ontario. They may come from various French-speaking countries, such as France, Haiti, Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, or other African and European nations.

Normally, french-speaking candidates receive additional points when registering their Express Entry profile in the federal pool. This means that between two applicants with similar work experience and academic backgrounds, an applicant who is proficient in French will have a better chance than one who is proficient only in English.

 The invitations were sent to Candidates in FSWP, CEC, or FSTP categories.

IRCC will continue to hold all program draws and program-specific draws as needed. 

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