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High rate of employment among immigrants in Canada, shows survey

Immigrants in Canada have been successful in finding employment and filling some of the gaps in Canada’s labour force, revealed the Labour Force Survey data for October 2022, released by Statistics Canada. The survey found that the immigrants who arrived in Canada over the past five years had an employment rate of 70.7%. The rate is higher compared to October 2019, before the onset of the pandemic.

119000 jobs in Canada filled

Full-time jobs witnessed a significant increase in October 2022, while part-time employment rates decreased. In October 2022, Canada had 119000 full-time positions filled, a 3% increase compared to October 2021. Employment increases were witnessed among both male and female workers in the core working age group of 24-54 years.

Most of the new employments occurred in Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Ontario witnessed the largest increase in employment with 43000 new positions filled. The highest increase in employment in Ontario was witnessed by accommodation and food sectors, as well as professional, scientific and technical services sector. Also the unemployment rate remained consistent with 5.9%.

Canada needs immigrants

All these data indicate that those who migrate to Canada have a high number of opportunities. Labour shortage crisis has intensified in Canada during the post-pandemic period. It has been reported that more than a million job positions are remaining vacant in Canada. Besides, a significant portion of the Canadian workers will hit their retirement age in the coming years. This will further intensify the demand for workers in Canada.

Canada sees immigration as a solution for the labour shortage crisis in the country. Businesses in Canada are putting pressure on the government to increase the immigration levels in order to increase the availability of labour. So by 2025, the number of immigrants to be invited by Canada in a year will be increased to 500000.

Further, Canada’s natural population growth is so low. So, the country is depending on immigration to sustain a healthy level of population growth. Currently, immigrants constitute 23% of Canada’s population. By 2041, immigrants will constitute 34% of Canada’s population, it has been estimated. As the country’s population is aging fast, Canada needs more immigrants of working age, who can contribute to the growth of the country’s economy by working, paying taxes and spending as consumers.
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