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Immigrant children fare better than native born in Canada

Immigrant children in Canada grow up to achieve much more than their Canadian counterparts, revealed a report released by Statistics Canada. According to the report, opportunity to get educated in the Canadian system as well as language proficiency help immigrant children attain wages in adulthood similar to their Canadian-born peers.

Further, the report found that the immigrant children, whose parents came to Canada through economic immigration programs are more likely to go to university and become economically successful in their adulthood. The study conducted in 2018 also observed that almost 75 percent of 20-year-old children whose parents came to Canada through economic immigration programs, were pursuing post- secondary education. It means, the children of immigrants are 47 per cent more likely to go for higher studies compared to their Canadian-born peers.



According to the study, children of economic immigrants had median wages of $52,400 at the age of 30 in 2018. They outperform Canadian-born adults of the same age by $10,590, or 25.3 per cent.

The participation rate of the female immigrant children in economic activities is higher than the rate of the overall female population, the report noted. Immigrant women are 50 more likely to get a college or university education. The median wage of 30-year-old immigrant women admitted to Canada as children was $43,300 in 2018. In other words, they earn $8,020, or 22.7 per cent more than Canadian-born women.

Why is Canada the best place to move with family?

Your family, especially your kids, enjoy so many benefits when you move permanently to Canada. First and foremost is the free, world-class primary education that the children would receive in the country. It will lay the foundation for a good job and a fulfilling life. Another advantage is access to free healthcare that include over the counter and prescription medication for citizens aged below 25 years.

As Canada has a thriving economy, it will be easier for the immigrant parents to find a job for supporting their family to have a quality life. This gives children a stable and peaceful childhood in Canada. In short, Canada is a land of possibilities and opportunities where your children are sure to thrive and have a bright future.

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