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Welcoming immigrants key priority for Canada

key priority for Canada

The Government of Canada, in the throne speech, yet again reiterated its stance that welcoming immigrants is the key priority for the country and that immigration would be pivotal to the country’s post-pandemic recovery. Every new session of the Canadian Parliament starts with the throne speech that outlines the goals of the government. Canada’s Governor General Julie Payette delivered the throne speech on September 23, on the commencement of the second Parliament session.

In the speech, she said that immigration would be key for the economic recovery in the post-pandemic period. “Immigration remains a driver of Canada’s economic growth. With other countries rejecting global talent that could help their economy, Canada has an opportunity as we recover to become the world’s top destination for talent, capital, and jobs. When people choose Canada, help build Canada, and make sacrifices in support of Canada, we should make it easier for them to formally become Canadian As part of both the short-term economic recovery and a long-term plan for growth, the Government will leverage the advantage we have on immigration to keep Canada competitive on the world stage,” she said.

Good news for immigration aspirants

In the throne speech, the Canadian government announced certain measures that are aimed to strengthen the living standards of Canadian residents. The government will continue to provide various economic and social supports as part of these efforts and these would be beneficial for the immigrants residing in Canada and those who are planning to move to the country in the near future.

Canadian government would provide income support to individuals and organizations to overcome the impact of the pandemic. Targeted support would also be provided to women, especially immigrant women, as they are disproportionally impacted by the crisis.
The throne speech also revealed Canada’s goal to create one million jobs, which is good news for Canada immigrants as well as immigration aspirants, since it means more job opportunities.
Further, the Canadian government is planning to provide financial support for those who want to buy a home in Canada. Though home ownership rates are high among immigrants in Canada, the support from the government would make home ownership accessible for even more immigrants.
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