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Labour shortage crisis intensifying in Canada

Labour shortage crisis

The severe labour shortage in Canada affecting businesses across industries, compelling many to cut down operations, reduce hours and in some cases, even euthanize livestock. Studies point out that 55% of Canadian entrepreneurs are struggling to hire workers and because of this reason, they are compelled to work more hours or delay or refuse orders.
pnp-finderThe labour shortage is pointed out to be a major impact of COVID-19, which has posed a major hurdle as the country is on the road to economic recovery. So businesses, especially small business are putting pressure on the government to take immediate measures for finding a solution to this crisis.

In a press release issued recently, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) vice-president of national research Simon Gaudreault said small businesses had already been experiencing a very significant shortage of labour at the beginning of 2020 and the situation was made worse by the pandemic.

“Industries that were locked down for long periods of time, like hospitality, have seen a mass exodus as workers upskilled or switched to other jobs, and virtually all sectors are facing major demographic upheavals with not enough new workers coming in to replace those who are retiring.”

Reports show that such widespread labour shortage is being experienced despite majority of affected businesses raising wages for the employees. The labour shortage affected food services, healthcare and retail sectors badly. According to a report by the Royal Bank of Canada, the number of job vacancies increased by about 22 per cent in Canada when the economy reopened in last summer.

Opportunities for immigrants

In this context, the Canadian job market is opening up a wealth of opportunities for the newcomers. For Canada, immigration is a means for ensuring enough supply of skilled labour in the market. It means those with skills and work experience have high demand in Canada. Moreover, Canada has set an ambitious immigration target for the year 2022, of inviting 411000 new immigrants to the country. So, for those who plan to move to Canada, this is the right time. You can explore the possibilities of migrating to Canada by talking to the Canada immigration experts of CanApprove. Contact us now

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