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Canada’s high skilled immigration target to create more opportunities for Indian immigrants

Canada is planning to welcome a record number of immigrants in the next few years. The immigration target for the current year is 445,000. By 2024, this will be 451000. This increased immigration targets of Canada are opening up huge opportunities for those who plan to migrate to Canada from India. As per the data, India has been the top source country for immigrants to Canada for the past few years. Canada has an aging population and so the country is keen to welcome more young and skilled immigrants from different countries including India.
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Migrating to Canada from India

The points-based immigration system of Canada has many factors favourable for immigrants from India. The most important among these is the English proficiency of the candidates. Further, most of the immigration applicants from India have high level of education, skilled work experience as well as settlement funds.

Canada Education and Migration

Further, many Indian students are going to Canada with the plan of settling in that country after the studies. Canada is taking some serious efforts to retain these foreign students in their country as their workforce. The study and work experience in Canada will help the students earn some extra points while applying for immigration. After the completion of their studies, the students can apply for Postgraduation Work Permit, with which they can stay and work in Canada temporarily. The work experience earned in this manner is counted while applying for permanent residence. Further, as per the new rules, students can work more than 20 hours per week, unlike before. It means they can earn more and support their studies in Canada.

Delays to end soon

However, many Indians aspiring to go to Canada are worried about the delays in the processing of visas. But experts are of the opinion that this situation would change soon. Canada is applying better and more efficient technology as well as processes to tackle the delay. Also they are appointing more staff to reduce the application backlog in a fast-paced manner.

India-Canada relations and immigration

Canada looks at India as a major partner in trade and immigration. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had recently announced that unlimited number of flights will be allowed to operate between India and Canada. Besides, as part of their Indo-Pacific Strategy, Canada has chosen two Indian cities, Delhi and Chandigarh to enhance the infrastructure for visa processing. Talking about the Strategy, Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said, “Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy will have an enormous impact on our economic potential, including through promoting immigration that will strengthen ties between people in Canada and the region through immigration.”

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