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New immigrants more likely to be employed than Canada-borns: Report

New immigrants are more likely to be employed than their Canada-born peers, revealed a study by Desjardin on the impact of federal immigration targets. Employment rate among the new immigrants has been increasing since 2016. Several reasons are pointed out for this phenomenon. First of all, majority of the new immigrants who come to Canada are of core working age, that is between 25 to 54 years. They are selected on the basis of human capital factors or the factors that determine their chance of becoming a part of Canada’s labour force. At the same time, a high number of Canada-borns have reached the age of retirement. This indicates how crucial is the role of immigrants in the economic growth of Canada.Canada pnp finder

Why Canada needs more immigrants?

Canada depends almost totally of immigration for the country’s population growth. As Canada is welcoming a high number of immigrants each year, it is expected that the population would grow much younger in the coming years. Besides, it is expected that the high influx of immigrants would raise Canada’s population up to self-sustaining levels, which means a birthrate of at least two per household.

Economic advantage of immigration

Immigrants will also bring so many economic advantages to the country. Their high skill levels and work experience would help them make significant contributions to the country’s labour force. With the high input of labour, the Gross Domestic Product or GDP of Canada will also be rising. It would help bolster the economy’s supply side and reduce the pressures of inflation.

 More opportunities for immigrants

The high immigration target of Canada opens up more opportunities for those who wish to move to Canada. Canada will be welcoming around 1.45 million immigrants over the next three years. Around 60% of these immigrants would come to Canada through the economic class immigration programs. Canada is facing a severe labour shortage crisis in the post-pandemic period and aims to overcome this crisis through immigrants. So, aspiring immigrants have a better chance of moving to Canada and building up a strong career.

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