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Joblessness among newcomers in Canada comes down to 6.4%

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Joblessness among newcomers in Canada has narrowed down to 6.4%, found a new research by Statistics Canada. The research has also found that the employment gap between immigrants and Canadian-born workers is reducing as Canadian employers have started to employ more newcomers to fill the job vacancies.

As per the research findings, 78.9 percent newcomers in the age group of 25 to 54 are in the Canadian workforce compared to 84 percent Canadian-born people. While the unemployment rate among core working-age immigrants was 6.4 percent in 2017, it was five percent among Canadian-born workers. Core working age means between 25 and 54, when the individuals have finished their studies and have not retired. The unemployment rate among core working-age immigrants is the lowest ever since Statistics Canada began to track employment among new immigrants through Labor Force Survey in 2006.

Good news for newcomers in Canada

Newcomers are most likely to find a suitable job in Canada as the country has a lot of opportunities. The Canadian workforce is aging and there are less and less young people to take up vacant posts. According to 2017 estimates, immigrants constituted 26% of the Canada’s total work force of core working-age. During the 2016-2017 period, 87,000 new immigrants joined the Canadian workforce, against 59,000 Canadian-born workers.

Finding jobs

Research has found that the employment-rate gap between immigrants and the Canadian-born has been coming down in the past three consecutive years. The gap is even lower than the national average in Manitoba and Alberta. Newcomers who have been in Canada for 10 years are most likely to have a full-time job, though 65.2 per cent of those who came within five years are working.

Many of the newcomers have revealed to have struggled in the initial years to get placed, eventually most of them found jobs, though not necessarily in their own field.

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