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More newcomers in Quebec to receive free French lessons

newcomers in Quebec

The Quebec Government has decided to spend $70 million for newcomers in Quebec to have better access to French lessons. The Government believes that knowing French will help newcomers adapt better to the Quebec society,  Quebec primarily being a French-speaking province.
According to the IRCC’s internal report released recently, not knowing the official languages of Canada is the biggest barrier for newcomers that prevents them from integrating well to the Canadian society. Simon Jolin-Barrette, Immigration Minister of Quebec, said though Quebec earlier provided free French lessons to newcomers who lived in the province for less than five years, it was not sufficient.
Under the new plan, all immigrants in Quebec will have access to full-time French courses, irrespective of how long they have stayed in Quebec.  The province will create 300 new classes and hire 80 more teachers. The classes will be offered to temporary foreign workers, students and their spouses also. According to the minister, it is expected that around 4,500 more immigrants will be taking free French lessons in a year.
Moreover, the Quebec government would provide financial assistance to immigrants who take French lessons. From July 1st onwards, immigrants who have enrolled in full-time French courses will receive $185 per week, compared to $141 earlier. It means immigrants who take French lessons will receive $15 a day as stipend.
The government will also provide subsidy for the daycare charges to immigrant parents who attend French lessons. The subsidy for part-time French students will be increased from $7 to $9 per day, per child. The subsidy for parents taking full-time courses will remain the same at $25 per day, per child.
The immigration system of Quebec has recently undergone a number of important changes. Last month, the Quebec government passed a Bill that gave more authority for the government over the eligibility factors for Quebec migration.
Quebec has high demand for foreign skilled workers to fill the labour shortage. Contact us to explore your options to migrate to Quebec!

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