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Quebec to launch personalized integration program for newcomers

personalized integration program

Quebec is all set to launch a personalized integration program for newcomers under which newcomers to the province will start receiving support even before they land here. As part of the personalized integration program, prospective immigrants will be assigned an individual immigration assistant officer who will follow up their case step-by-step.
Quebec’s Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion Simon Jolin-Barrette announced the launching of Parcours d’accompagnement personnalisé (personalized support program) on August 8. The program is being launched by the Quebec government as part of the immigration law reforms. According to the news release issued by the Immigration Ministry of Quebec, the program aims to “implement the best possible tools” to help newcomers “successfully integrate into Quebec society.”
Under the personalized integration program, prospective immigrants will have access to the resources and the services of a designated immigration offer once they obtain the Quebec Selection Certificate(CSQ). They will receive information on various regions of Quebec, recognition of their professional qualifications and an option to take an online French course.
The newcomers will be greeted at the airport and will be invited to meet the designated integration assistance officer. They can meet the officer within five days to create an individualized action plan.
The integration process for newcomers involves four steps:

  1. Arrival
  2. Francization
  3. Integration into the job market
  4. Community integration

The newcomers can attend an optional course to learn about the socio-cultural realities and job market in Quebec. The students who take up this course will receive an incentive of $185.
Quebec government is investing 20 million dollars annually for the personalized integration program that includes the creation of 4 new government jobs; appointment of 78 Integration Support Officers and six Coordinators.
By launching the new project, the Quebec government is aiming to promote and ensure the successful integration of immigrants into the Quebec society.
Quebec is an attractive destination for prospective immigrants with vast career opportunities and high standards of living. Contact us to explore your options to migrate to Quebec.To Improve Immigration Quebec Launches a Customised Integration Programme

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