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Migrate to Canada under Self-employed Persons Program

Self-employed Persons

Migrate to Canada under Self-employed Persons Program Self-employed persons, if they have the required level of work experience and intention to continue working for themselves, have an exclusive pathway for moving to Canada permanently. The pathway, named Federal Self-employed Persons Program, targets those self-employed persons who have relevant experience in athletics, arts or culture. Under the program, self-employed candidates including music teachers, painters, illustrators, filmmakers, freelance journalists or athletes may apply for migrating to Canada. Other self-employed professionals such as choreographers, set designers, coaches and trainers may also obtain permanent residence in Canada.
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Selection of candidates under Federal Self-employed Persons Program

To be eligible for selection under the program, the candidate must have experience, intent and ability to create their own employment in Canada. They must also have minimum two years of experience, which can be:
They must have taken part in cultural or sporting activities at an international level. In other words, they must be known internationally or should have performed at the highest level in their discipline.
They must have the experience of being self-employed in the field of cultural or sporting activities.
Further, candidates must have the ability to enrich Canadian culture and sport and make significant contribution towards specific economic activities in the country. However, the extent of the contribution is determined by the visa officer who processes the file. The candidate must also score minimum points under the selection criteria of the program.

The Federal Self-employment Program opens up opportunities for Canada immigration especially to those candidates who are unable to qualify under other immigration programs owing to the nature of their employment/occupation. Many Canadian immigration programs such as the Canadian Experience Class do not take self-employment into account while assessing a candidate’s work experience. But the federal self-employed program does not have such conditions. Neither does the program have a ranking system or a competitive system for selecting candidates. The processing of applications under the program generally takes 23 months to complete.
If you are a self-employed person looking for better opportunities abroad, here is your chance to migrate to Canada. For any assistance or support with regard to migrating to the maple country, please connect with our expert immigration consultants. Contact us for more info.

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