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Google’s expansion plans to boost tech industry in Canada

Tech industry in Canada benefits with Google's expansion plan

In a move that would give a significant boost to the tech industry in Canada, global tech giant Google has announced its plans for expansion in the country in 2020. Google has already made investments for training so that the company would have the best people to fill the vacancies that would arise as part of the expansion. Google is planning to increase the employee-strength in Canada from 1500 to 5000 by 2022.
Over the past one decade, the booming tech industry has made Canada an attractive destination for tech-giants. Google, Microsoft and Huawei are some of the major tech companies which have already established their presence in Toronto and Ontario.
The vision of the ruling Liberal Party of Canada led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to make Canada a leading destination in the global digital economy. The welcoming and favourable policies of the Canadian government are a major factor that attracts technology giants to the country. Canada’s policy decisions are based on long-term financial plans and tech giants like Google also follow the same approach.


Toronto, Canada’s technology hub, has one of the country’s fastest growing job markets. Diversity, inclusivity, favorable immigration policies as well as Canada’s political and economic stability are some of the major factors that ensure a conducive environment for the growth of Canada’s tech sector.
Google’s move gives a positive sign for immigration aspirants, especially the tech workers as it means more jobs and opportunities for them in the new country. Some of the most in-demand tech jobs in Canada include IT project manager, network administrator, developer/programmer, data analyst and business analyst.
With the tech industry in Canada booming, it has become easier than ever for tech workers to obtain a work permit or PR in Canada. If you are a tech worker who wish to build a new life in another country, Canada is the right destination for you.
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