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Canada has the Highest Proportion of College Graduates

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According to the 2016 Canada Census, Canada has the highest proportion of college graduates compared with other OECD countries (developed nations). According to the data findings released on November 29th, this achievement is partly because of the recent immigrants, who are well educated.
Immigrants contribute to Canada’s economy by bringing their skills and high levels of educational attainment. In recent years, new programs have made it easier for international students who have completed their postsecondary education in Canada to immigrate into the country. Recent immigrants who landed in the five years prior to the 2016 Census were especially well-educated. The percentage of all immigrants with a master’s or doctorate degree is twice that of the Canadian-born population.

Express Entry System

According to the Census data, the percentage of immigrants among Canadian workers was 23.8 percent in 2016, while the percentage was 21.2 percent in 2006. The significant increase in immigrant workers is largely due to the changes introduced by the Canada government in the immigration system intending to address the labour shortage. One of the significant changes was the introduction of the Express Entry system in 2015.
Since January 2015, Canada has sent a total of 145,368 invitations to apply for permanent residence through various programs under the Express Entry system. Canada is further planning to welcome 250,000 newcomers through the Express Entry system as part of its plan to offer permanent residence to nearly one million immigrants between 2018 and 2020.

Immigrant population: Region-wise

Immigrants form 50 percent of the total workforce in Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver in British Columbia has the second highest proportion of immigrant workers in the labour force at 43.2 percent; and Calgary in Alberta has 32.5 percent immigrants in the workforce, which is the third highest proportion.

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