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Access to foreign talent attracts US employers to Canada


The employers in the US are either considering to expand their operations to Canada or have already started operations in their neighbouring country in order to hire foreign talent, according to a survey conducted by Envoy Global, a US immigration services provider. A total of 500 human resource professionals and hiring managers across the US took part in the survey. According to them, the immigration system of Canada is one of the major reasons for the desirability of the country.

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About 57 percent of the respondents in the survey revealed they were planning to expand to Canada or have already done that. Access to talent regardless of origin was the one of the major drivers for this expansion. About 31 percent said they were considering Canada as an alternative to the US for hiring foreign talent. Almost 70 percent have already sent more people to Canada or hired more foreign workers in the country in the past few years.

Advantages of Canada immigration system

The demand for US visas such as the H1-B visa is high. But the immigration system of the US offers only a few pathways for the applicants, especially international student graduates, compared to Canada. At the same time, Canada has more than 100 economic-class immigration programs and   issues a larger quantity of visas. Canada also has more pathways to permanent residency. Because of these, the employers in the US think that the immigration policies of Canada are more favourable than the US.

The US employers also exploring the possibility of expanding their operations to Canada or have already done so, in order to make the most of foreign talents available in the country. At the same time, the tighter immigration policies have made the US a less attractive destination for foreign skilled professionals. Furthermore, foreign students in Canada have better chances of obtaining permanent residence in the country compared to the US. Owing to these, Canada has emerged as a popular destination for workers as well as the employers.

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