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New program launched in Quebec to help newcomers find affordable housing

Quebec newcomer 2019

With an aim to help new immigrants integrate better and faster to the Quebec newcomer 2019 society, a new program has been launched that helps them find affordable housing. Finding an affordable housing facility is one of the biggest challenges a newcomer has to face when they arrive in the province for the first time.
The newly launched project called ‘Housing, key to successful integration’ will help newcomers to the province find an affordable home without much trouble. The project is being run by the Fédération des Coopératives d’Habitation Intermunicipale du Montréal Métropolitain (FECHIMM), a non-profit focusing on social housing. The City of Montreal and the Immigration Ministry of Quebec are financing the project. The program will impart knowledge to the newcomers about affordable housing options and offer support in the process of finding a home in Quebec newcomer 2019
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However, FECHIMM has made it clear that the purpose of the project is not to have more social housing units but to integrate people better. Most often, newcomers will not be having a clear idea about social housing, co-ops and how non-profits operate. The aim of the new program is to give them some idea regarding these.
FECHIMM is Quebec’s largest co-op housing federation. As part of the program, it will work with partners to educate and share information with newcomers.
Seventy percent of immigrants who come to Quebec prefer to settle in the city of Montreal. Most often, they are compelled to spend an excessive amount of money on housing. FECCHIM’s project hopes to find a solution to problems like these.
FECHIMM’s data shows that almost 20000 families live in around 600 co-ops in the Montreal area.
Quebec is a great place to settle in for those looking for better career opportunities and living standards. Get in touch with our expert immigration consultants to know more about Quebec migration

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