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Quebec invites 162 candidates to the two Arrima draws held in October

Arrima Draws October 2019

In the two Arrima draws held in the month of October, Quebec issued a total of 162 invitations to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) to candidates belonging to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). The two Arrima draws were held on 23rd and 29th October.
In the October 23 draw, 89 QSWP candidates were invited to apply for CSQ. These candidates were selected on the basis of demand in the Quebec Labour Market. All the candidates invited in this draw were selected from among the 16000 QSWP candidates who had their original applications quashed following the immigration reforms introduced by the Quebec government on June 16, 2019. They were also either exempt from the cap, which had been in place when they first applied to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program or were residing in Quebec on a study or work permit on June 16, 2019. All these candidates also had submitted their Expression of Interest with Quebec’s online registration portal, Arrima.
Quebec Immigration Assessment
The second draw held on 29th invited 73 candidates to apply for CSQ. All the invited candidates were required to have a valid employment offer. Foreign nationals staying in Quebec carrying out official duties were also among those who received invitations in this draw. These officials included diplomats, consular officers, and representatives of an intergovernmental organization such as the United Nations. With these two draws, the total number of QSWP candidates invited through the Arrima system has touched 1757, ever since Quebec started inviting candidates through Arrima draws on July 4th.

Arrima system

Quebec introduced Arrima system to manage the pool of QSWP candidates after the “first-come, first-served” application system for the program was replaced with an Expression of Interest (EoI) system in 2018. The system allows international skilled workers interested in Quebec migration to submit an Expression of Interest through the Arrima system. Each of these EoI profiles is ranked on the basis of a number of selection factors. The Quebec government invites candidates to apply for a CSQ either on the basis of their score or the labour market needs in the rural areas of the province. Once a candidate obtains a CSQ, they can apply for permanent residence in Canada with the federal immigration ministry.
Quebec has a huge demand for skilled workers and offers a great opportunity for international skilled workers to build a better future for themselves in Canada. Contact our expert immigration consultants if you are interested to know more about Quebec migration.

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