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Employment in Canada hits new high thanks to full-time work in Ontario

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Employment in Canada rose by almost 56000 in February, largely owing to the gains in full-time work in Ontario. According to the monthly Labour Force Survey report of Statistics Canada for February, Ontario posted a net employment increase of 37,000 for the month. An increase of 59,000 in full-time work led to the loss of 22,000 in part-time work in Ontario.
Ontario is the most populous province of Canada. The report on employment in Canada further showed that employment in Ontario increased by 192,000 or 2.7 per cent over February 2018. However, unemployment rate remained steady at 2.7 per cent.

Among the provinces and territories, Ontario and Quebec mainly contributed towards an increase of 18,000 workers in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services industry in February. Professional, Scientific and Technical Services industry comprises engineering, architecture, scientific research and development, legal services and accounting. According to Statistics Canada, this is the third notable increase in four months. National employment in the industry rose by 6.8 per cent or 97,000 compared to February last year.
Employment in public administration also increased for the second consecutive month in February, posting a gain of 14,000. Most of this gain was contributed by Ontario and Alberta. Natural resources and agriculture were the other two industrial sectors that reported employment gains. Altogether, Canada added a total of 67,400 full-time jobs in February, while shedding a 11,600 part-time jobs, leading to an increase of 55900 in employment. Though it was predicted that employment gains would be low in February, the latest report of employment gains has placed Canada ahead of the United States, which could post a gain of only 20000 new jobs.
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