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Ontario to make it easier for immigrants to find jobs in their areas of expertise

Ontario PNP

Ontario will propose a legislation to help internationally trained immigrants to gain a job in their respective field of expertise, which matches their qualifications. Many new immigrants have been finding it difficult to get a job in their respective fields. If the legislation is passed, the immigrants will not have to complete another language as part of obtaining professional licence other than the one they have already completed for the purpose of immigration. Besides, the law will eliminate the requirement for professional registration and licensing, unless an exemption is granted on the basis of a demonstrated public health and safety risk.

Faster licensing

As you might be aware, in order to pursue certain professions in Canada, such as engineers, architects etc., the candidates need to obtain a licence. The proposed registration would ensure that the licensing process is completed in a timely manner. It will also allow applicants to register faster, if there are an urgent need for certain workers in the country. In some professions, licensing process takes as long as 18 months, which is a long period. Ontario wants this to end. These changes, if come into effect will apply to non-health regulated professions and compulsory trades such as professional engineers, architects, plumbers, electricians, accountants, hairstylists, teachers and early childhood educators.

Good news for engineers

Currently, immigrant engineers require international work experience of at least four years and a minimum one year of Canadian work experience to practice as an engineer in Ontario. But the proposed legislation would allow engineers to find a job in their field of expertise faster.

At the same time, many leaders in the province are disappointed that healthcare jobs have not been included in the proposed legislation. The province of Ontario is facing a crippling shortage of healthcare workers. There exists a nursing shortage crisis in Ontario and many are demanding the provincial government to take serious steps to address this problem.

In a news report, Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development in Ontario said many new immigrants are not employed in their field of expertise. But at the same time, the province has almost 293000 job vacancies waiting to be filled. Effectively filling this skills gap will result in an increase in the province’s GDP by almost $20 billion.

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