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Study urges govt to restore Quebec immigration target to 50,000

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A new study conducted by the independent Institut de recherche et d’informations socio-économiques (IRIS) has urged the Quebec government to restore the annual immigration target to 50000. The study found no evidence to support the government’s argument that bringing down the immigration target will improve the integration of new immigrants to the Quebec society. The Quebec government brought down the immigration target to 40000 in 2019, claiming that a higher immigration target makes integration difficult for the new immigrants.
On the basis of statistics, the study proved that nearly 60 percent of the new immigrants already speak French or French and English by the time they arrive in the province. The immigrants are also better educated than non-immigrants. Around 42 per cent of immigrants aged between 25 and 54 have a   certificate, diploma or university degree compared to 24.9 per cent of the Canada-born Quebec residents.
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However, the study found discrepancies between the employment rates of immigrants and Canadian-born residents of Quebec. The employment rate of Canadian-born Quebec residents was 86.6 per cent in 2018 compared to 78.9 per cent for immigrants. Julia Posca, who wrote the research paper, summarised that “immigrants in Quebec master French as never before, are highly educated and participate massively in the labour market.”
The study also proved wrong government’s claim that Quebec could retain too few immigrants. According to statistics, 82.2 per cent of economic immigrants to Quebec admitted in 2010 were still there five years later.
The study further pointed out that the main obstacles to integration of new immigrants were issues such as recognition for professional credentials and work experience obtained outside Canada and employment discrimination. Bill 9, however, does not address these issues, observed the study.
The Quebec government’s decision to reduce the immigration target came at a time when the Quebec population is aging fast and employers are struggling to find employees to fill vacant posts. The study recommended the Quebec government to return previous immigration target of 50000 newcomers. It also urged the government to allocate a significant budget to improve the integration services for new immigrants.
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