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Indian students prefer Canada over US as their international education destination

As the US and the UK are tightening their rules for international students, Canada is fast turning to be the favorite international education destination for Indian students. The year 2017 witnessed a 60% rise in the number of Indian students obtaining Canadian student permit. It converts into 83,410 in numbers, out of the total 317,110 Canadian study permits issued in the year.

The US stalemate for international education aspirants

Traditionally, the US used to be the most-preferred destination for Indian students who wanted to pursue international education. Indian parents used to send their children to the US spending huge amounts of money or taking hefty loans, hoping that they would be able to find a well-paid job and settle in the US once they finish their studies. But the recent policy changes made by the Donald Trump government has made the US job market hostile towards international workers, which has also compelled Indian students to look elsewhere.

The fall of 2017 witnessed a 19% drop in the number of Indian students enrolled for science and engineering graduate degree courses in the US. The other preferred destinations for Indian students also witnessed a drop in new admissions. This is especially true for the UK, where the number of Indian students dropped by 50% since 2010.

Canada turns the better option for international education

Compared to the US, the cost of education is relatively low in Canada. Canada also encourages talented international students to settle in the country after they complete their studies. The Student Direct Stream (SDS) program recently launched by Canada for the students from China, India, Vietnam and the Philippines is a good example of how warmly Canada welcomes international students. Under the program, eligible students from these four countries enjoy fast-track processing of their applications. Canada also offers better chances for international students to obtain permanent residence and subsequently, citizenship in Canada.

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